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Complete the form below. Several fields require an extended list or narrative, with word limits. You should prepare these ahead of time with a word processor and then paste your responses. You will need to upload transcripts (unofficial are okay). You also need to have two references, who can address your potential as a researcher, send letters directly to Instruct them to use the subject line "REU reference for Your Name".

Semester and year of expected graduation. To be eligible for this program you cannot have graduated before August 2017.

Hold control key to select multiple options

Select if you are eligible to recieve Pell Grants.

Select the one that best describes the type of community you're from.

List biology, ecology, GIS, field-based courses, and any other courses that may be relevant. 200 words max.

List relevant experience including research, internships, employment, and outdoor experiences. You may want to paste your resume for starters and then edit the content to expand on more relevant experiences. 500 words max

Select your top preferred research project. See Project Descriptions page.

Describe your interest in your top 3 research systems, and discuss your interest in specific projects within those systems. You should include specific experiences or skills related to your top choices. We encourage you to visit mentor websites, which are linked in the project descriptions page, and to explore examples of previous work by faculty and students in the region. 500 words max.

As part of this question address how you expect this research experience will enhance your career professional development. 200 words max.

Upload your unofficial transcripts

Remember to instruct them to use "REU reference for Your Name" as subject line.

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