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Summer 2021 REU Projects

Hannah Blevins, Lincoln Memorial University, Mentor: Dr. Luke Dodd. Allegheny Woodrat (Neotoma magister) occupancy and rocky outcrop habitat usage in Eastern Kentucky.

Idris Irihamye, Centre College, Mentor: Dr. Cy Mott. Morphological plasticity in Cope's Gray Treefrog, Green Frogs, and Wood Frogs as indicators of eutrophication levels.

Eckhardt Karsten, Miami University, Mentor: Dr. Jason Marion. Study of Environmental Factors affecting E. coli presence in mine impacted regions of Southeastern Kentucky and its implications on stream health and risk assessment.

Kristen Foreman, Eastern Kentucky University, Mentor: Dr. Valerie Peters. Bee communities of flowering plant species in central KY nature preserves and managed prairies.

Elijah Cardona, Eastern Kentucky University, Mentor: Dr. Stephen Richter. Annual variation in body size structure of the Agkistrodon contortrix population In Koomer Ridge Campground.

Jonah Dominguez, Kenyon College, Mentor: Dr. David Brown. Structure and temperature of Brown Thrasher nests in an early successional habitat.

Queen Cornish, Washington College, Mentors: Dr. Kelly Watson and Dr. Amanda Green. Exploring the social perceptions of Eastern Kentucky University's green spaces and natural areas

Liah Continentino, New College, Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Koslow. Assessing the influence of fire history on wild American Chestnut (Castanea dentata) populations on Pine Mountain, Kentucky.

Carmen Villalba, Colorado College, Mentor: Dr. Maegen Rochner. Extending and interpreting the tree-ring chronology for Lilley Cornett Woods.

Adelaide Amore, Vassar College, Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Malzone. Exploring water quality transformation in ridgetop wetland systems of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Danielle Cottrell, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Mentor: Dr. Haley Cabaniss. Establishing methodology for LiDAR-based trail monitoring.

Noah Vargas, Berea College, Mentor: Dr. Sherry Harrel. Habitat impact on nesting success of Buck Darters.

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